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Your unforgettable MTB / Bicycle touring holiday

Trips in Portugal

We are passionate about our country and our greatest ambition is to share the enormous variety of landscapes in Portugal, the cultural wealth, the fascinating gastronomy and the extensive traditions. With all these features, combined with a country with one of the best weather conditions in Europe for mountain biking / bicycle touring, we will provide an absolutely unforgettable experience.

Why do your trip by Bicycle Touring or Mountain Biking?

Our mountain biking / bicycle touring programmes give preference to electric bikes in these segments. 
The excellent weather and our coast are undoubtedly features that enhance an adventurous holiday on these bikes. 
Safety and outstanding logistics is something that we at O-BIKE never disregard, and in order to do so we count on the support of a van and an O-BIKE trailer in all programmes. 
With your own bike or by renting a bike from O-BIKE, we will take care of all the details during your stay in Portugal.

Corporate Events

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