1. Questions on cycling programmes

What is included?
All O-BIKE programs include accommodation (in 4 or 5 star hotels or similar such as charming hotels, with laundry service and relaxation areas), meals (shown in each program which ones and where), arrival/departure transfer to/from the airport, local guide, transport during the whole program, mechanical support, bike check-up and washing service.
It also includes water, snacks, food supplements, O-BIKE quality equipment (jersey and bibs), rental bike and helmet.
Additional experiences and possible museum visits may also be included, as detailed in each programme.

What is not included?
Airline tickets to/from Portugal are not included. We also have a flight reservation service available, but this must be ordered on request.

Are the bicycle hire and protective equipment included?
Yes, all our programmes include bicycle hire and a suitable helmet for practice. For this purpose, we only ask that you provide us with this information when you make your booking.
If you want to bring your own bike, talk to us!

How can I choose the ideal programme?
All our programmes are adaptable to the physical and technical level of the participants.
Our local guides will also have a permanent awareness to adapt the daily rhythm for an even greater personalization.
For more detailed information, please contact the O-BIKE technical team:

How far in advance should I make my reservation?
Ideally, we advise you to book at least 2 months in advance.

Can I make a reservation with single room accommodation?
Yes, it is possible to book single room accommodation - subject to availability - for an additional fee.

What is the minimum number of participants?
Our programmes are designed for a minimum of 3 participants.

Is it possible to make a private booking?
Yes, you can. However, all costs inherent to it will have to be borne by that client only.

Do I need travel insurance?
Although all our clients are covered by O-BIKE's personal accident and liability insurance, we advise our clients to travel with their own insurance as well.


2. General questions

Where will the meeting be on arrival?
We will have a person waiting for you at the airport. All our programmes include transfers to and from the airport. After your booking, all the details will be sent to you by email.

Can I bring my family?
As our programmes are tailor-made / personalized, your family is most welcome. We can even advise and include additional experiences for your family.

Are there any extra activities?
Yes, there are. All our programmes include other activities - included in the price and detailed in the different programmes - depending on your location and time of year. The extra activities are vast and can include visits to wine cellars, museums, castles, olive oil mills, extensive and personalized gastronomic and wine experiences, boat or train rides and many other possibilities...

Is it possible to travel having dietary restrictions?
Yes, of course. All you have to do is to indicate these restrictions to our team. All meals organised will take into account this request.


3. Technical issues and equipment

What do I need to bring for the trip?
We advise you to check all your cycling equipment: helmet, gear, wind and/or waterproof jacket, cycling shoes, gloves and socks. Don't forget your GPS and rear light!
For leisure, sightseeing and restaurants, we recommend casual clothes and appropriate footwear. Don't forget your swimsuit and flip-flops if the opportunity for a swim arises.
For the evenings we recommend a light jacket or sweater.

What should my fitness level be?
This is an issue that concerns many of our clients. Please feel comfortable as all O-BIKE guides are prepared to meet the physical and technical specificities of each group.
Also, our support transport will always be there to assist you at a short stop, provide additional snacks or drinks, or assist in any other situation that may arise during your tour.

Is it possible that there are various levels within the group of cyclists?
We often receive organised groups of friends where the level is not always the same among all the participants. However, our guides are prepared to ensure that everyone enjoys a full holiday, combining different rhythms.

How many O-BIKE guides are there in each PROGRAMME?
In all our programs there is a ratio of 7 clients* to 1 O-BIKE guide, for a good and permanent assistance. All our guides have in-depth knowledge, experience of the sport, and speak several languages so that communication is not a problem.

* in the case of corporate programmes we can have 1 guide for a maximum of 10 clients

What support is there during the tours?
Our support van will be present on all tours and we provide mechanical support whenever necessary. We also have snacks and drinks available during your tour. We will not let you lack anything in order to make your experience a full one. If you have any special requests, please let our team know and we will try to accommodate your needs.

For Mountain Bike / Cycle Touring programmes, should I request a regular or an electric bike?
We usually recommend electric bikes. Electric bikes allow everyone to enjoy the programmes equally. They are usually bikes where the fun factor is not compromised.
Suitable for all ages, from the youngest to the most experienced.

Can I take my bicycle?
Yes, of course. Many clients naturally prefer to bring their own bike. In this case, please contact our team and we will make an adjustment to the final price of your programme.

How will I know that the rental bike will be the right size for me?
Our team will customize your rental bike according to the measurements and indications filled in your customer form. Don't worry, we'll take care of everything and make any necessary adjustments.

Do I need to bring my pedals?
We advise all clients to bring their own pedals and shoes. In the case of mountain biking / cycle touring programmes we only provide flat pedals.

Is it recommended to use clip-on shoes?
At O-BIKE we strongly recommend the use of clip-on pedals, especially for cycling programmes.

Should I bring my own saddle?
The saddle is always something really personal on your bike. Many people are extremely sensitive, so if you are, we recommend that you travel with your own saddle.

Does O-BIKE provide cycling shoes?
No. Shoes are absolutely personal and the responsibility of the client.