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By travelling through the different programmes suggested by the O-BIKE team it will be possible to get to know fantastic places in Portugal and feel the millenary history of a country with the oldest borders in Europe. 
As we believe that the bicycle is a means of connecting people and traditions, our suggestions allow a connection to local populations and explore ancestral knowledge and memories.

Why O-Bike?

O-BIKE is part of the OSIRIS group, with a team of 30 people with extensive operational experience. Every year we manage hundreds of groups from 4 continents, we are creative in our proposals and excellent in the operational details. Our highly specialized road bike unit allows a highly customized service for an unforgettable trip to Portugal and enjoying the magic of cycling in safety and in the most idyllic places that meet your preferences.

Our mission

Fantastic programmes

Design fantastic and safe programmes for all bike lovers visiting Portugal.


Programmes capable of responding to all the requirements and specifications of each client.

Corporate Events

Corporate Events suitable and optimised for each group or company.

Full solution

Full solution covering all the details of the trip: transport, accommodation, meals, special complementary activities, cultural outings, safety.


Unique events in Portugal with our O-BUS.

The Team

Hugo Oliveira

Founder and Coordinator O-BIKE

Born in Lisbon, Hugo is passionate about his country, customs and gastronomy. With a vast experience as a mountain bike and cycling guide, and organizer of events all over the country and with the most prestigious international companies and brands, his aim is to make each client feel as home in Portugal as he does in his own country. 

Hugo doesn't forget any detail to make your experience in Portugal absolutely unforgettable.

Ricardo Ferreira

Founder and CEO of O-BIKE

Married and a father of 2 still "small" children. Passionate about Portugal and Sport. The more than 10 years of experience managing the OSIRIS tourism group, which includes O-BIKE, allows a broad knowledge of different segments of tourism and providing great flexibility to operational teams in connecting to clients from different continents. The idea of combining leisure and sports is inspired by the new preferences of modern consumers and the need for continuous specialisation. Solutions for group travel or business travel are also one of our specialities and the new reality of teleworking will reinforce the need to provide unique moments together, with colleagues or business partners, in a relaxed and stimulating environment.

Programmes in Portugal

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